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Custom e-commerce Software Development Solutions

At Inbybob, we provide cutting-edge e-commerce software development solutions. Leveraging our exceptional talent pool, we deliver bespoke e-commerce solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives. With a team of seasoned e-commerce developers who have spearheaded projects for industry giants, we ensure your business receives top-tier services to drive success in the digital marketplace.

Discover How Our e-commerce Development Solutions Empower Startups and SMBs

Partnering with Inbybob gives startups and SMBs access to a pool of e-commerce engineers with extensive experience in successfully executing similar projects. We understand the unique challenges businesses face in today's competitive landscape and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Boost Sales with Strategic Marketing Automation

Our team at Inbybob specializes in crafting personalized shopping experiences through user-centric design, automated customer loyalty programs, and omnichannel analytics. By leveraging our skills, you can drive heightened customer engagement and revenue growth, giving your business a competitive edge in the market.

Streamline Operations with Retail Business Process Automation

Empower your company with our expertise in digital transformation strategies. We prioritize software development for seamless business process automation, including inventory management software, advanced analytics solutions, and tailored solutions for in-store and online shopping experiences. Our goal is to foster cross-departmental visibility and streamline workflows to optimize efficiency.

Revamp Your e-commerce Platform for Optimal Performance

Maximize the potential of your e-commerce platform with Inbybob. Our experts specialize in e-commerce testing and audit services, offering solutions to enhance performance from a technological and user-centric perspective. Through thoughtful redesigns and optimizations, we help attract new audiences and bolster customer engagement, driving success for your business.

Introducing Our Tailored E-commerce Software Development Services

At Inbybob, we expedite the augmentation and expansion of your technical teams by swiftly deploying our specialized IT software engineering professionals. Our offerings include:

  • Custom e-commerce Software Solutions Development
  • e-commerce Applications Software Development
  • Platform-Based e-commerce Development
  • UI/UX Design and Optimization
  • Development of e-commerce Mobile Apps and Loyalty Programs
  • e-commerce Business Analytics Solutions
  • e-commerce Automation Solutions
  • Expertise in e-commerce Marketplace Development

Elevate Your Retail Experience with Our Expertise

Our seasoned experts at Inbybob assist in enhancing visibility across supply chain operations, managing online customer relationships, and addressing business requirements. Our offerings cover:

  • Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Demand Prediction Analytics
  • Order Management Software
  • In-Store Software Solutions
  • e-commerce Store Customization & Integrations

Seamless Migration and Integration Services

Leveraging our experts' proven portfolios and best practices, we provide personalized user experiences, incorporate new features, and expand management capabilities through seamless third-party integrations. Our services include:

  • e-commerce Website Redesign
  • e-commerce Performance Optimization
  • Development of Custom Modules and Plugins
  • Integration of Payment Systems, CRM, ERP, and Other Third-Party Software
  • Efficient e-commerce Migration Solutions

Trust Us with Your e-commerce Legacy Migration

Our dedicated experts at Inbybob facilitate smooth e-commerce legacy migration processes, ensuring modernization and performance improvements while safeguarding data integrity. Our migration services comprise:

  • Development of e-commerce Migration Strategies
  • Migration of e-commerce Databases
  • e-commerce Replatforming
  • Migration of Third-Party Extensions and Integrations
  • Platform Selection Advisory

Benefit from Our Consulting and Support Services

With Inbybob, you gain access to our developers' extensive experience and market insights as they guide you in creating cost-effective e-commerce solutions tailored to your needs. Our consulting services encompass:

  • e-commerce App and Website Audits
  • e-commerce Project Management
  • e-commerce Platform Consulting
  • Specifications for Custom E-commerce Website Development
  • e-commerce Security Consulting

Ensure Quality with Our Testing Solutions

At Inbybob, we establish specialized testing teams to conduct comprehensive e-commerce testing services for projects of all sizes. Our testing services include:

  • Quality Assurance (QA) Testing
  • Development of QA Testing Automation Solutions
  • Performance, Scalability, and Reliability Testing
  • Functionality and Integration Testing
  • Analytics, Data, and Backend Testing

Explore Additional e-commerce Development Solutions

Marketplace Development: Our expertise lies in constructing digital marketplace platforms tailored to your project's unique requirements.

E-commerce Web Development: Enhance your e-commerce web solutions with our comprehensive consulting, design, and development services.

E-commerce Mobile App Development: Elevate and innovate your e-commerce mobile apps with our end-to-end services, from ideation to full-scale development.

Highlighting Our Expertise in e-commerce Software Solutions Development

At Inbybob, our extensive portfolio of e-commerce projects is the bedrock of our specialized knowledge. By collaborating with us, startups and SMBs gain access to e-commerce engineers boasting years of successful project delivery experience.

Case Studies

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen


Facet Search

12 months

The search is carried out by the partner’s SaaS solution, in which the availability of all sales channels directly depends on the search.

The frequency of updating the search index is once a day, which significantly increases the time for new products to appear on the site and in other channels.

Boxed solutions lead to the Vendor Lock-In problem, unlike solutions built on open-source technologies.


Improved analysis of the search query for the presence of phrases typed with an incorrect layout. Extracting product attributes from a search query (conceptual search).  Improved indexer based on In-Memory solution with support for partial indexing. Collection of statistics on search results based on ELK.

The team achieved an increase in the average check for sessions from a search by 1.5%, the share of sessions using the search by 7 percentage points.


Product/Project Manager, Business Analyst, 4 Backend developers, 3 QA Engineers, DevOps Engineer


ELK, Java 11, Kotlin

Quality Assurance

Facet Search

12 months

Other. Industries