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Pricing Models

For convenience we offer several standard models of work with our clients.

Time and material

Model works best when you don’t have a clear scope and want to be deeply involved in the development process.

Choose it if:

  • you want to follow agile methodologies

  • you need to be flexible due to quickly changing requirements and taste hypothesis time to time. 

  • you don’t have strict deadlines

All of that doesn’t mean you go in blind. Just like in the fixed-price model, you start your cooperation with planning, but only for the upcoming week or two. So instead of determining and fixing requirements for the whole project, you start fast and can further adjust the scope and priorities.


It is good for projects with a limit scope and a stable list of requirements.

You may choose it if:

  • you have a project with limited features and a short timeline (less than 2-3 months)

  • you want to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • you have clear requirements without changes in the project

  • you have a limited budget and strict deadlines

Yet, in reality, only a few projects can boast of having clearly defined technical requirements. It’s hard to foresee all the nuances from the beginning, which makes adjustments and alterations an indispensable part of building a successful software project.


We provide discount system for long-term cooperation customers. If the threshold is reached for the sum of all orders from one customer, a discount applies to all new subsequent projects. The discount is applied annually for a period of 6 months.

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